Comments on the principles of the Society


The businesses who are members of the “FEINHEIMISCH – Fine food from Schleswig-Holstein” Society:

  • Are committed to meeting at least 60% of their requirements with top-quality produce from Schleswig-Holstein;
  • Cook with fresh produce and avoid any of the food industry’s convenience products;
  • Process the produce according to skilled gastronomy practices;
  • Only fall back on produce from neighbouring regions if the required quality is not available in Schleswig-Holstein;
  • Support each other in searching for the best locally grown produce, collaborating with local producers and training the next generation;
  • Accept any Schleswig-Holstein gastronomy business as a member of this community of interest, providing it observes the same principles and has three advocates (sponsors) among the current members;
  • See themselves as a networked association linking the fields of gastronomy, business, tourism and culture.