Principles of the Society


As members of the “FEINHEIMISCH – Fine food from Schleswig-Holstein” Society, we see ourselves as preservers and promoters of a pleasurable, sustainable and locally defined gastronomy culture in Schleswig-Holstein. We consider dining culture and the gastronomy culture derived from it to be formative elements of mankind’s social development. In view of such a far-reaching inter-relationship we also feel responsible for sensible and healthy eating, environmentally sound food production and enhanced quality consciousness. In realizing our goals, we look to our cultural and traditional roots without standing in the way of new developments.

Since our philosophy can only be realized through locally grown produce of the highest quality, we strive for close collaboration with farmers and food producers who share our mission and goals. Through this and through the produce we buy we intend to play our part in preserving the diversity of meat, game, fruit, vegetables and dairy products on offer and in supporting artisan food producers. It is also our aim to preserve and pass on to future generations a sound knowledge of food, food production and traditional culinary skills. Through our work we want to help improve the quality of life and joie de vivre in Schleswig-Holstein.