FEINHEIMISCH | Fine food from Schleswig-Holstein

More and more producers and restaurateurs are offering local food and cuisine of the highest quality – for your utmost enjoyment. One of the most important goals of FEINHEIMISCH | Fine food from Schleswig-Holstein is to further this development and publicize it in Schleswig-Holstein and beyond.

Seven dedicated gastronomy businesses set up this society for the promotion of local cuisine and cultured gastronomy in 2007. The top priorities for all FEINHEIMISCH members are freshness and quality; our mission is high-quality local food combined with culinary craft skills – a mission for greater quality of life. After all, where chefs use good ingredients and enjoy what they’re doing, the cuisine will taste better – and that’s where you can live a better life.

And so we invite all guests and gastronomes, producers and politicians, journalists and, not least, those travelling in and through Schleswig-Holstein to support us on our journey to more fine food from Schleswig-Holstein.

Oliver Firla